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Voter Tampering on Prop 66

by Third Striker, Bruce Swenson

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To some, it is unclear just how Prop 66 was 'barely defeated.' Prior to those T.V. commercials which aired against it, the initiative was at an approval - rating of 78% throughout the state. We even had a California Supreme Court Judge ORDER ... that there was not to be any abuse regarding the AOL's estimate for 26,000 inmates who would not necessarily be released from prison as a result of its passage. It had also been made very clear by the CDCR that 26,000 I/Ms would have been "resentenced" due to the removal of the double·up enhancement ... but this did not mean they all would be getting out of prison at once either. The truth was ... only 3,200 I/Ms would have been eligible for release, and NONE of them would have been murderers, or rapists, or child molesters for their third strike. NONE!

When those T. V. commercials hit the people with such dishonesty and terror for eight straight days prior to the vote (Nov. 2, 2004) it seemed they alone caused the slide to its very narrow defeat. Late into the evening Prop 66 had finally fell down to 47.3% (Yes) ... and 57.7% (No). It slipped into defeat as absentee ballots were being counted ... The votes which would have reflected an average high rating for support since they had not been contaminated by those treacherous commercials. How is it they all seemed to register as a “No?” Perhaps the deceptions and outright malfeasance were not emanating only from those T.V. commercials?!

Perhaps there was another slight of hand at work with those Dei·Bo1d voting machines? Remember those voting problems people had reported after the voting concluded? People were complaining of pushing a button for Al Gore and George W. Bush would show up on the screen! Surely you remember those complaints about those machines ... and we have not seen them since ... right? It was not just the legion of lies perpetrated against the people of California from those T. V. commercials and radio snipes ... there was a "VIRUS" at work too! And we shall get into more evidence of that in part two of this writing.

Bruce Swenson

Part II shall contain information about the involvement of Pete Wilson and his friend Henry Nichols III, owner of Broad Com; enabler of the Dei·Bold voting program; and proud holder of two federal indictments for racketeering and drug sa1es!!!

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