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Letter to Attorneys

From Robert Broglia, Three Strikes Prisoner

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Mr. Specter, Mr. Bien, and FACTS,

My name is Robert Broglia, CDCR # H-04214. I am currently serving a 3rd “strike” life sentence for residential burglary, a property crime.

Before I was arrested in 1997 I was working a Weber’s Bakery, a union job. I had a new home, nice truck, and I was doing very well. I had battled addiction for most of my life. In October, 1997, after being sober for a while, I relapsed and smoked some PCP.

It really got ahold of me. When I returned home after being out that night, I unknowingly walked into my neighbor’s house, thinking it was my own. I didn’t steal anything and I left on my own. The owner of the home told the police she did not want to press charges after realizing nothing had been taken and learning that I was not in my right mind. In the arresting officer’s report he stated I was incoherent.

My first two “strikes” were from a single court proceeding in 1991. I was convicted of a burglary and took a plea bargain for 6 years. During this process a 2nd burglary was brought up and the judge ran it “concurrent” with my 6 year sentence. I served 3 ½ years in prison and was released in 1994.

During the court proceeding for this case I’m currently serving the judge decided to split the 2 1991 burglaries and alleged a 2 prior strikes against me. Because of this it made me eligible to be “struck out” under California’s notorious “3 Strikes Law.”

I am not and never have been a violent person. I have no violent felony convictions. Still yet, after mistakenly wandering into my neighbor’s home and leaving without taking anything, I was sentenced to 35 years to life in prison.

This law was intended to put violent offenders away forever, such as murderers, child molesters, and rapists. The law needs to be reformed in such a way that the true targets are netted, no simple drug addicts and petty criminals. This is a waste of lives and sorely needed taxpayer dollars.

Beyond reforming the 3 strikes law, possible the severity of property crimes should be looked at. The person committing the crime and their intent is not even considered. Which is why a person such as myself who accidentally wandered into the wrong home while under the influence without any intent, violent or otherwise, is not wasting away in prison for life.

I was an addict, not a threat to society. The only harm I’ve done is to myself. Please help to reform this insane, inhumane, and unjust law so that non-violent offenders can once again rejoin their families.

Thank you for your time and help with this matter.


Robert Broglia

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