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126 Santos Reyes

Type: 3rd Striker Sentence: 26 years to life

For lying on a drivers license application

Type: Date: Strike(s):

Current 09/18/1997 Perjury

Prior 01/17/1981 Residential burglary

Prior 07/09/1986 Armed Robbery

Race ethnicity: Hispanic-Mexican

Physically disabled: N/A

Mentally disabled: N/A

History of suffering from substance abuse: N/A

Marital status: N/A

No. of Children: 0

Highest ed level: High school grad

Military service: N/A

Employed at time of current conviction: N/A

Paraphrased summary of comments made by prisoner and/or others:

Current offense was for lying on a drivers license application.



Prisoner believes he or she was wrongfully convicted: N/A

Verification available/done on this story:

Signed media info. Sheet

Response letter sent

Letter from prisoner

People available to contact about story:

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