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Three Strikes Studies

Three Strikes: Can We Return to Rationality?

R A C I A L D I V I D E An Examination of the Impact of California’s Three Strikes Law on African-Americans and Latinos

The California Three Strikes Law: The Undemocratic Production of Injustice
Dissertation by Doug Kieso---December, 2003

The Impact of Three-Strikes: A Socio-Legal Perspective.

A Proposal for a Wholesale Reform of California’s Sentencing Practice and Policy.

A Primer: Three Strikes - The Impact After More Than a Decade.

3 Strikes & You're Out.

Still Striking Out: Ten Years of California’s Three Strikes Law

Erwin Chemerinsky, For Publication - United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit(Argued and submitted, December 1, 2001).

Aging Behind Bars: "Three Strikes" Seven Years Later. The Sentencing Project.

Striking Out: The Failure of California's "Three Strikes and You're Out"

From Classrooms to Cellblocks: How Prison Building Affects Higher Education and African American Enrollment in California.

Three Strikes and You’re Out: Estimated Benefits and Costs of California’s New Mandatory-Sentencing Law.

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