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"The Three Strikes Reform Act of 2008"

Although hundreds worked long hours over days and weeks on end, "The Three Strikes Reform Act of 2008" did not garner the signatures necessary to qualify it for the November 2008 ballot. 

The measure of effort put in by our members and supporters is hard to quantify. There were those who said “yes” every time an opportunity to get signatures presented itself, no matter if a day’s work had to be missed, or the travel time was measured in hours, or every waking hour was spent out in the streets looking for that next signature. Others sought out leads and likely supporters and mailed petitions at their own expense to widen our circle of support.  There were folks who spoke at meetings from one end of town to another and devoted Sundays to gathering signatures in front of sympathetic churches.  People rallied and what was missing in sheer numbers was present in zeal and fire and determination.  There is no way to know how many people worked to affect a change in this law, but its clear that they are far more than we know.

The truly bad news is that with all the efforts put forth, we did not succeed in turning in the necessary signatures to qualify the initiative for the ballot.  The good news is in the process of reaching out for support and signatures a lot more people were educated and convinced that this law is criminal.

We have been asked: “What’s Next?” The first step will be taken  in Los Angeles on Saturday, June 7thbetween the hours of 10:00 am and 2:30 pm when Striker families and concerned community members will meet to evaluate our efforts and plan for our future.   If you are interested in planning for the future or evaluating past efforts, please call us at 213.746.4844 for the meeting location.

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Initiative Endorsers as of 3-24-08

Summary of "The Three Strikes Reform Act of 2008"

Title and Summary of "The Three Strikes Reform Act of 2008"

Resumen de "La Acta de Reforma de la Ley Tres Estrais de 2008"

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